Snowpal: Changing priorities

If you are wondering how travel to fancy European destinations could possibly be compared & contrasted with switching between Snowpal’s GitHub repos since they should have nothing to do with each other, whatsoever, you may want to think again!

Over the past few years, my urge to travel and the general accompanying urge to socialize and meet people has dwindled at a remarkable pace.

My recent travels

Every time I’ve wanted a change, all I’ve had to do has been switch repos. Flutter one day. React/TypeScript, the next. And if I am not in the mood for UI work, I pick Ruby, Node, and more recently, Go.

My recent socialization needs & behavior

Every time I’ve felt the urge to socialize, I’ve done one of 2 things:

  1. Created a technical podcast & shared my 2 cents (or rambled — depending on the particular podcast :))

2. Paired with coworkers to solve fairly complex software problems.

Don’t get me wrong. My love for Europe Travels hasn’t diminished one bit & while I eagerly look forward to our family’s next travel destination, may I safely say, perhaps my priorities have changed?

Love #snowpal. Love our repos (most of them, at least :)). Love the variety it offers. Also, love the never ending list of challenges it presents on a daily basis.

Now, on to some API Gateway work. Coming soon! A lovely set of endpoints for you to use to build something big and nice. Something like And beyond!



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