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Some of us are not born particularly competitive but end up in fields that are highly competitive due to a combination of factors, some of which we control but most, we don’t.

I didn’t study much about computers in my 8 years in college (definitely not in the first 7), & I didn’t think I would be doing programming for a living. But my first job was writing code, and my most current one is doing the exact same thing (only constant change has been the languages and frameworks).

And during this time, I’ve gotten the opportunity to discover a few things about myself:

  1. I don’t have any other skill. None, whatsoever.
  2. I absolutely love coding and building software products.
  3. I can never partake in a race (this part, I knew when I was 5!).
  4. I am only capable of competing with myself, and have no interest (or ability) to compete with others.
  5. I was born in a highly competitive nation, migrated to another super competitive country, and last but not least, ended up making a career in a super highly competitive industry.

The last point means I’ll always have to be in some sort of a race, like it or not, but at the very least, I want to run my own race.

There’s a few things I’ve done thus far to prove that to myself.

  • Not chasing titles and career growth
  • Picking a consulting career (not the easiest of routes in my opinion) to pay bills while I work towards one of the main purposes of my existence (outside of family, of course): Entrepreneurship (and specifically, to be in the business of building software).

For all the reasons above, this Instagram post resonated very, very well with me.

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