Snowpal: Becoming a better CTO

I’ve done many things not so right, and have lived (read: strived) to learn and improve along the way.

But looks like I may have gotten this one spot on!

  1. I decided to switch to consulting to learn the breadth of things (it wasn’t an easy shift at the time as someone who worked for a large product company to move over from the depth of things).
  2. I made a conscious decision to work with small, and sometimes really small, companies. I needed to understand what it meant to play a 10 different roles, and more importantly, how to do that well.
  3. Starting a tech company. Well, if you know me at all, you know that I live and breathe for Snowpal! We started as a 1-product small B2C company, but fast forward a few years, we’ve a number of B2C & B2B products, and a rather large ecosystem that’s constantly expanding.

Okay, looks like I’ve slowly earned my way to be a decent enough CTO but I never feared I would become one ever. What I do fear is conquering sales. Despite multiple college degrees where I “apparently” learned a bit about it, I’ve realized I know little about it at this point and that it appears to come across as more and more art than science (aka, not something that comes naturally to me).

But, one day, I hope to see someone share a “How to be a great sales person or leader” article, and have a list of boxes that I can gleefully and honesty say, “Yes, I checked all those boxes”.

That’s not today though. Not even close.

Till I become a better sales person, we are going to have to rely on good word of mouth.

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