Snowpal Podcast: Collaboration — Introducing my first 2 guests

2 podcast collaborations in — time to share a few thoughts!

My first podcast was with ⁠Matthew Davidchuk⁠, a brilliant engineer. And no surprises — 90 minutes later, I walked out a slightly better engineer.

My second podcast was with ⁠Magali Pelissier⁠, a brilliant product leader. And no surprises again — 120 minutes later, I walked out a slightly better product manager.

(The podcasts are in “post production”, so should be published shortly)

Look out for more podcasts with Matthew and Magali, as the first podcast has turned into a series! Plus, my next guest is a very special one from New Delhi, and we will be discussing a 3rd topic (hint: there may well be a hands-on, LIVE coding component to that conversation).

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