Startup Life: Can you relate to this?

#time T1

2.0. Got plenty to do. Let’s wrap up 2.0 UI changes. API work for 2.0 is complete. 2.0. Release doc for 2.0. Create animated content explaining high level 2.0 features. 2.0 has a lot of stuff going on. 2.0.

#time T2

Performance. Work on perf improvements. API performance for certain aggregate charts. Perf. Yes, performance is important for every chart regardless of how many we have. It’s all performance. Perf.

#time T3

Add checklist enhancements on web and mobile. Make a few more mobile enhancements whilst you are there. Mobile is also key. Enhancements on mobile. Mobile experience.

(What is 2.0?)

#time T4

Switch gears to API Gateway work. We’ve over 650 endpoints, and the MVP needs to publish a good chunk of it. API gateway. Endpoints. Server side. REST. API.

(What is performance and what are charts?)

And so on…

If you can relate to that “story”, thanks for your wishes, and best wishes to you as well in your journey.

If you are wondering what it is, you are likely enjoying the benefits of being in a larger organization that can afford the luxuries of a few more engineers :)

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